Breakfast Burrito (2)


These Breakfast Burritos start with our hand-pressed tortillas and are filled with a mixture of eggs, beans, chicken sausage, shredded coconut cheddar cheese, honey and a variety of seasonings.  They make a perfect quick, satisfying breakfast because they freeze beautifully, so you can pop them in a microwave or oven for a minute or two right out of the freezer.

You will not find dairy or any form of soy in our Breakfast Burritos.  We use only gluten free ingredients in all of our products.  The Breakfast Burritos are made with Almond flour, Tapioca flour, Xanthan gum, Honey, Chicken breakfast sausage, Organic black beans, Organic eggs, Shredded coconut cheddar cheese, Organic honey, Organic tomatoes, Organic onions, Organic cilantro, Organic salt, Organic vinegar, Organic cayenne pepper, Organic garlic, Organic cumin.

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Weight 9.5 oz